Kinaki Offline - Download

Is your internet connection unstable or do you want to use Kinaki when you don't have an internet connection available? Try Kinaki Offline!

Kinaki Offline is a Windows app designed to address the needs of people without access to high speed internet.

Start using Kinaki Offline by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Download the Kinaki Offline App
  1. When the dialog box opens, click the 'Install' button and follow the instructions:
  2. The system will need to download the Kinaki Offline application (approx. 15 MB), this may take 1 to 30 minutes, depending on speed of your internet connection:
  3. After downloading, Kinaki Offline will launch and new window asking for Application Password will appear.
    Password will be displayed here to logged-in users.
    Please login to your Kinaki account to view the password.
  4. When you enter the password the dialog requesting your Kinaki user log-in will appear:
  5. Please log in with your Kinaki online user name (your email) and your password.

Step 2

Download Data from your Project(s)
  1. When Kinaki Offline is running and you are logged in, click on the Download data button in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Kinaki Offline will download your project(s) data from the server. This action may take time, especially if you are active in multiple projects (the transfer amount of data can be around 30 MB for each project). Considering this amount of data, please make sure you have a good internet connection when you download the data.

Step 3

Use Kinaki Offline
  1. Please refer to the Kinaki Offline User Guide
  2. Start the application by selecting the Start Button - All programs - Salanga - Kinaki Offline - kinaki offline
  3. Please remember that Kinaki Offline doesn't have all the functions of the Kinaki Online platform.

In Kinaki Offline you can:

  • View Pre-defined filters – both user and project filters (previously created and saved in Kinaki Online).
  • Create new filter requests for your data set
  • View Reports (previously created and saved in Kinaki online).
  • Export statistics, data and reports to Excel.

In Kinaki Offline you cannot:

  • Save user and project filters and edit saved filters
  • View automated charts
  • Create and edit Reports
  • Administer users and projects
  • Administer your online account

Trouble Shooting

The following steps should help to solve common issues with the Kinaki Offline App. Please also feel free to contact the Kinaki Support Team for any further assistance (

Problems with Installation

  • Issue: You clicked on 'Download Application' and the window for installation didn't appear.
    1. It is possible that the installation package was downloaded, but didn't run (this depends on the default preferences set in your browser). You may find the Kinaki Offline installation package in a folder where all files downloaded are saved by default (typically this may the ‘Downloads' folder under your Windows profile).
    2. To open your 'Downloads' folder: Open your start menu and select your name (user profile) from the top of the right-hand menu. In this folder there should be a folder labelled ‘Downloads' where you should find the kinaki-win.application. Double click on this file and the installation should start with following window:
    3. If you were successful, please return back to STEP 1 of the installation guide.
  • Issue: The download will not start and following window appears:

    Your computer may not be connected to the internet or the download of the installation package took too long. Please check your internet connection and try again. If your connection seems to be too busy and slow, try it again when the internet appears to be working faster.
  • The application downloaded and installed successfully, but the application couldn't be launched. Your computer may be missing an essential support service: Microsoft .NET Framework, please INSTALL the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
    1. The following window should appear; please click on "Run"
    2. The following licence statement should appear. Please select "Accept"
    3. Once the MS .NET Framework is successfully installed on your computer, you should be able to run the Kinaki Offline Application. Please go back to Step 3 above and run the Kinaki Offline App