Kinaki will be faster!

Our current hosting works great; however, as Kinaki grows and we have more than doubled the number of people using Kinaki everyday during past 12 months, we plan to scale-up to much faster, more secure and scale-able environment. In weeks to come, we will announce to our users the day of the big move and how the move will looks like for current Kinaki users. But don't worry, you don't need to pack anything! We will do all the hard work and you can be only looking forward for much faster Kinaki.

After the move, Kinaki and its data will be based in Canada, on the industry-top quality servers.
Stay tuned for more updates.

Kinaki 5.6 now available!

During past two years, Kink team was constantly working on small improvements. We are happy to announce that Kinaki, version 5.6 is now live and our users can enjoy many small improvements and faster Kinaki.

Among many of the improvements:
1) FAQ section on the Kinaki website, providing many answers to questions you may ave about Kinaki.
2) Small charts in Reports can be now set to measure UP or DOWN, meaning that for some indicator, we try to reduce number of people (e.g. % of children with Malaria (DOWN)); while for other indicator, we want to increase the number (e.g. % of children eating balanced diet).

Kinaki 5.1 available

We are delighted to inform you that new Kinaki version has been today uploaded online. It is Kinaki 5.1.
In this new version we focused our effort on fixing several bugs, which bothered us all. Here is what is new in Kinaki 5.1:

Item ID    Description of Achieved Task:
266    Increased speed of Kinaki main page upload and overall Kinaki responsiveness
269    User guide have been revised to reflect new functions from Kinaki 5.0.
270    Under the “Project” menu item can be now found more information about the project, including sharing of project with other organization(s)
297    Reports are now displaying calculations properly as previously there were displayed zeros in some questions and some cases.
278, 279    It is possible to delete:  Data collections, projects and reports without problems of several errors.
273    Graphic issue with the column width on the “Data page” was fixed.
283    Solved issue for project and organization admins, as they now can easily upload data through the system.
284    Some sign in errors were fixed (e.g. after time-out errors)
287    Titles can be now added even to empty reports.
Miscl.    Many other minor bugs and improvements were fixed within this new version.

And we want to share with you also, what are our plans for Kinaki future:
Near future

•    Completing the “multi-country” project and possibility to merge selected items in reports across data collections
•    Improving user’s experience with Kinaki, improving available support and tutorials
•    Some small new features
6 months outlook
•    Our own data collection tool (completely offline, including creation of questionnaire on pc offline and data collection (input) through smartphones, tablets or computer.
12 months outlook
•    Implementing qualitative data collection and analysis into Kinaki (short text, long text, pictures, possibly videos).

Illustrations on the Blog

Our latest post is short and to the point. Head over to the blog to see our first in a series of cartoons. Is this scene familiar to you?

Kinaki 5.0 is here

We are happy to inform you that the new version of Kinaki (Kinaki 5.0) has just been uploaded and is now fully available to you. Kinaki 5.0 brings new, exciting functions and features and many minor bug fixes.
Here are the 3 main improvements in Kinaki 5.0 (more details on improvements and our plans can be found attached):
  • Titles in reports (allowing you to input full text of results, outcomes and outputs or any other relevant titles)
  • Project sharing among multiple partners (allowing sharing projects and even data collection among multiple partners, e.g. lead and implementation partners)
  • Merging multiple types of questions in report filters – this is especially important for project admins, who create reports, now you can aggregate data across all types of questions, e.g. number, multiple choice etc.

Choosing the Right App

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6 Key Questions: Data Collection with Smartphones

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The World Humanitarian Day


The Kinaki team joins the world to express our appreciation and respect for humanitarian workers around the globe. The global humanitarian environment is constantly changing and continues to be more and more demanding and challenging.

We are an organization dedicated to assisting to those who help and therefore we would like to encourage our partners and friends to express their appreciation to their colleagues and other aid workers.

The Kinaki team, we would like to thank all of you for your dedicated work to better global society.

On behalf of the Kinaki team,

Jakub Nemec

Kinaki Blog: NEW Feature for Reports

Want to learn how to combine data from multiple questions to calculate indicators for your reports? Check out the post on our blog about the new "AND/OR" feature!

Kinaki Blog: Mobile Technology Handbook

Check out our blog for a link to a great handbook on using mobile technology for data collection!

Kinaki 4.7 released!

What’s new?
· The new version of Kinaki includes several bugfixes
· Highly requested new feature to be able to select  if you want merging responses in Reports as AND or OR.
· Small improvements in the behaviour and look of Kinaki system.
Please let us know, if you have any trouble using the new functions.

What can you be looking forward in Kinaki 4.8?

Our main goal is to finally complete and make available for download the Kinaki Offline App.
We’ll keep you posted on the exciting news from Kinaki world.

Enjoy using Kinaki!

Your Kinaki team.

Kinaki 4.5 released!

Kinaki is now much faster.  And you can fully enjoy reporting from your project by few clicks.

Hello our great users,

It is our pleasure to let you know that new version of Kinaki (4.5) has been just released and uploaded to

So now, when you log in to your profile, you may notice following updates:
  • The entire system is now significantly faster due to data optimization
  • The Report Center has been completed and several requests from you, our users have been integrated in it.
  • Predefined filters are now grouped per types and better organized
  • You can also download entire data from data page.
  • And several bugs were fixed to serve you better.
Let us know, if there is any issue with the new version or if something important is still missing.

Enjoy using Kinaki!
The Kinaki support team.